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Terms & Conditions

All these terms and conditions are for getting best possible services to customer from Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys and better Understanding between both the parties.

  1. Time for tour booking :
    • Customer should book his/her tour-programme within reasonable time margin to avoid inconvenience i.e. 62 days between the date of departure and the first advance.
    • Customer can book tour programme less than 46 days i.e. 1st installment and departure date of tour. This will be treated as an urgent program.
    • Season Time: Diwali and Christmas i.e. October, Novermber, December. Summer Season i.e. April, May, June. Special Season i.e. continuous holidays, special festivals at particular places etc.
  2. Payments :
    • All payments should be made by cash or cross A/c payee local cheques/demand draft only, payable at Pune and our official receipt must be obtained.
    • 1st installment to be paid at the time of finalization of tour, at about 50% of tour cost per head.
    • IInd installment to be paid 20 days after 1st installment, at about 30% of tour cost per head.
    • Remaining tour cost and bill to be paid before 30 days of departure for the Tour.
    • Full tour cost with service charges will have to be paid even in case of cancellation at any stage before 50 days of departure.
  3. Important notice:

    All rates are subject to relevant service tax.

  4. General Terms :
    • Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys is not responsible for loss or damage to the person (life, body) or property (luggage etc.) of the tourists due to accident, theft, or other such mishap.
    • Tariff is liable to be changed without notice from hotel, transport, organization, etc. which is bound to be paid by customer.
    • If customer wants specific request for hotel, transport, etc. then Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys' responsibility is only to attempt and does not give any guarantee of reservation or any other related problem for it.
    • Tourist can break journey at any place but on their own risk, Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys is not responsible to provide any arrangements for their accommodation, onward journey etc. in tour programme.
    • Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys can alter the mode of transport, type of accommodation, hotel or tour programme etc. under any reasonable circumstances and the tourists will have to abide by our change and other arrangements.
    • Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys' charges are perishable charges. They are not refundable and non transferable in any case. There will be no discount in charges in case of customer wants part of service or full service from Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys.
    • Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys reserves the right to levy extra cost on customer like transportation, travelling, telephone, telegram, fax, STD call etc. incurred due to circumstances beyond Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys' hold
    • Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys is not responsible for any change in hotel accommodation, journey etc. in case of breakdown of buses, train delay, bad weather, political disturbances, road block or such other circumstances beyond Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys' control.
    • Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys is not bound to show places which remain closed on the day of your visit due to weekly holidays or any other reasons.
    • If the health or conduct of a client appears to endanger the safe and sound progress of a tour he/she may be excluded from the tour.
  5. Airline Baggage Regulation: Free baggage allowance is determined by each airline. Please contact each airline company for specifics. Excess luggage is the passenger's responsibility. Jungle cub/Cworld Journeys. Does not assume responsibility for loss or damage during the trip.

  6. Jurisdiction : All disputes subject to Pune Jurisdiction only.
  7. Rules for cancellation and Change :
    • Tour is individual, time binding and perishable service. So the amount is neither refundable nor transferable.
    • Cancellation of tour and refund thereof is not a right of customer but Jungle Cub/Cworld Journeys could carry out cancellation procedure as a courtesy only.
    • Any change in programme or any cancellation must be given in writing by the person who has finalized the programme and paid the advance or by his representative with proper authority in writing, well in advance i.e. minimum 15 working days before the departure date of the tour.
    • Any change or cancellation will not be accepted on Phone.
    • Customer has to abide by and pay the cancellation charges as per the rules and the conditions of different organizations i.e Hotels, Air, Trains, Buses, Representatives, Tourism Corporation etc.
    • After receiving Demand Draft or Cash from the said organization for customer's cancellation, the amount will be paid to the customer after deduction of company's cancellation, documentation and execution charges.
    • In case of part payment and no further instruction for any booking are received from customer, customer has to pay company's consultation and documentation charge Rs. 250/- per head.
    • Cancellation is at customer's own risk totally, Company is not responsible for any refund.
  8. *Jungle cub/Cworld journeys holds all the rights reserved with them to alter, cancel or post pone any of the itineraries as per the requirement.